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Welcome to Harvester Community Church (formerly known as Harvester Assembly of God). May you sense God's love through what He is doing in our community as we walk you through the life and activities of our assembly. We are a church deeply loved by God, who is involved in every area of our lives and He desires to be involved in yours too. We welcome you to be part of our Harvester family.

Special Highlights
Upcoming events

  > Church Camp - 12 to 16 June 2016
@ Concorde Hotel Shah Alam

Our annual church camp is a great time to come together as the family of God to draw near to God and fellowship with one another.

Look forward to a time of renewal as you soak in the presence of God! Mark the date and block out your leave!

Youth Ministry (Triple Sharing) - S$335
Adults/ Family Ministry (Twin Sharing) - S$360
Child w/o bed (4-12 years old) - S$165
Extra bed/ mattress - S$95
Additional coach seat - S$45

  > Logos Training School
Every Sunday, 8.15 am

We are coming close to the end of our first LTS trimester for 2016. Let's press on in learning from the Word of God!

Let's commit ourselves to building a strong foundation in God's word as only His word is able to transform us from the inside out! Look forward to receive the teaching from the Word of God!

The classes for 2016 Trimester 1 are as follows:

- Christian Foundation 1
- Christian Foundtion 2&3
- Victorious Christian Living
- Local Church and You
- Pillars of Faith
- Holy Spirit
- Journey of Israel
- Hitting the Mark (Book of Philippians)
- Law & Grace
- Know Your Bible

- 教会与你
- 认识圣经
- 生命旅程

  > Harvester Dream Album

The Dream Album is available for sale at our book store outside service hall at $15 per copy. Get your copy today!


  W.A.D. Service – 7 May 2016
@ 2.00 pm at Level 4 Function Hall

Youths, let us carry the same heart of David that says “Better is one day in your court than a thousand elsewhere.” and trust God to do something so powerful in each of us and through our gathering together. Let’s also bring a friend along to be blessed as well.

  Adults Service - 7 May 2016
@ 3.30 pm at Level 7 Function Hall

As we gather as an adults ministry to worship together, learn from God’s Word and fellowship with one another, let’s also bring a friend along to be blessed as well! Join us for a time of pre-service prayer preparation before the service at 2.30 p.m. at Level 5.

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